The Ship now


Currently at Chatham docks, The New owner purchased the ship in December 2018 from The HMS PRESIDENT 1918 Trust.  Her name will be changing back to the HMS SAXIFRAGE to carry on her legacy.

The wrennery


This room is still retaining features such as her Bow and portholes letting natural light in. one of the best preserved rooms in the ship at present. The plan is to make this room a museum and open it up to visitors daily so they can see her bow and historical elements.

The Gun room


The Gun Bar was badly damaged by extensive water intake. This was due to some super structure being removed when PRESIDENT was removed from London to Chatham.

Gun Room


The Gun room was damaged by water ingress from the Gun Bar above. The bar area maintained its structure but the rest of the room had to have work done to stop mould spreading.

captains quarters


This room has held up really well, the flooring has lifted due to neglect for two years but the new owner and her team have started to clean and repair this room.

The ballroom

This Room has had sere water damage from the funnel being removed from upper decks.

This Ballroom had extensive water damage over the years from lack of maintenance and neglect over the years. The new "Q"team has started lifting the floor carefully whilst trying to save as much as possible for further use.