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The Royal Naval Reserves

 From 1922 she was employed as a Royal Naval Reserve drill ship, and as such was moored permanently on the Thames at Blackfriars. Her new name was inherited from the Old President of 1829, which had been based in West India Docks from 1862 to 1903 as the first London naval reserve drill ship.  The 1918 President remained in Royal Navy service for a total of seventy years, from 1918 to 1988. She was the last Royal Navy warship to wear Victorian battleship livery of black hull, white superstructure and buff yellow funnel and masts. All naval personnel working at the Admiralty and elsewhere in London were nominally appointed to service in President, and they were paid and administered by her staff. MI6/SIS officers who had RN commissions were appointed to President, but paid and administered by the SIS.

Paint Job

 During the Second World War President was converted to a gunnery training ship, fitted with a large overall "shed" superstructure. Her major role was the training of DEMS gunners for defensively equipped merchant ships,   She sported a black  Hull and white superstructure.

World War Two

 WW2 She was used to protect St Paul’s Cathedral from the Luftwaffe and as a base for the French Resistance. She was refitted with two opened back semi armoured dual purpose turrets, the calibre of these shortened barrel guns were 4.5 inches. The shells used were eighty pounds each, each was loaded by hand and the Naval reserves were trained to fire off about THREE shells a minute.

Gun Deck

The small gun deck contained by way of gunnery equipment one 40/60 bofors, hence the old housing in the deck head this was to accommodate the barrel of the bofors.  Also one was Oerlikon a single barrel cannon firing 20mm grape shells from an exsisting round magazine.  The small after gun deck was to remain training the ratings gun drill, for the L.N.R.D.

Officers and Ratings on Board HMS PRESIDENT

President along with her sister ship CHRYSANTHEMUM both had different needs for the RNR, President housed:  The W.R.N.R. Office: The R.N.R. Ch & PO Mess: The R..N.R. Commodores London Cabin and office. 

The Wrennery, The Ward room, and Two Galleys: Two conference rooms:Recruiting office,  New Entry training office/class rooms: Gunnery Office and Armoury.

Medical and dental centre: Naval & clothing stores.

Class rooms and work-shop for the electrical department.

End of the war service

The RNR carried on using PRESIDENT as their drill ship util she was purchased in 1988 by a private firm, where the next phase of her life would start as a Meeting and Function ship.